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Comfort in Pleven downtownComfort in Pleven downtown

Hotel ROSTOV ****
2, Tsar Boris III Str., 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria
phone: +359 64 805005, fax: +359 64 801517
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Art has its own life in Rostov Hotel. Being guests of the hotel you will come into contact with the talent and works of a great number of well-known Bulgarian artists. In the halls of the hotel the paintings of the most inspiring Bulgarian masters of art are at your disposal (Svetlin Russev, Uri Bukov, Dimitar Bujkliiski - Michy, Hristo Hristov - Yoshkata, Luben Angelov, Yovo etc. Expressing its concern about the achievements of contemporary Bulgarian art, Rostov Hotel sponsors an annual edition of a luxurious calendar with reproductions from its own collection as well as from the collections of the best artists in Pleven and Bulgaria.


2004 Calendar is published as "Prestigious Artists from Pleven". It involves reproductions of Nikolai Dabov, Toma Trifonovski, Svetlin Russev, Ilia Milkov, Yordan Katzamunski, and Gredi Assa. The selection of the works and the short comments in this issue are made by Academician Svetlin Russev.

  Sheet calendar 2004

At the end of 2004, for the second time Rostov Hotel issued a calendar with reproductions from the richest collection in Bulgaria, which is disposed in a gallery in contiguity to the hotel. The Gallery is situated in the old Turkish bath (work of Architect Nikola Lazarov). At present the unique spacious halls of the bath give shelter to the collection, which is a donation from the most prominent contemporary Bulgarian artist Svetlin Russev. The paintings reproduced in the current calendar are chosen by Mrs. Svetlin Russev personally. There are also art works of Ilia Beshkov, Vladimir Dimitrov - Maistora, Nikola Marinov, Dechko Uzunov, Kiril Tzonev, Kiril Petrov, Vera Nedkova, Ilia Petrov, Rafael Mihailov, Stefan Ivanov, Ivan Nenov, Stoyan Venev, Stoyan Sotirov.

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