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Comfort in Pleven downtownComfort in Pleven downtown

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The city of Pleven is well-known as the city of the museums. Some of the most impressive historical and cultural monuments of national significance are in contiguity to Rostov Hotel. We offer a review of the most exciting ones to all our guests, who should visit them at any cost. If they are interested in that, the hotel organizes individual or group tours. Besides, don't miss the chance just to walk around along the streets of Pleven, where you'll find the romance and coziness of plenty of trim cafes and small restaurants, situated on the shopping streets near the hotel.


Situated at 250-m. northwest to the hotel. When you go out of the hotel, turn right along "Tzar Boris III" Street. The church is on your left.

The church is a monument dated back the Bulgarian Renaissance, having national significance. It was built in 1834 on the ruins of a small chapel at the time of the Second Bulgarian State, which was destroyed in XVI-XVII century. It was restored in its original old form due to Sultan's decree in 1696. Later a bigger church was built and was opened in 1834. The iconostasis was a work of some masters from Triavna wood-carving school, but the icons were painted by representatives of Samokov School. One of the richest collections of icons, painted by Dimitar Zograff, is exposed in the church (including 68 icons).


Situated next to the Church "St. Nikolai".

It's set up in 1919. The building of the theatre is an architectural monument, having national significance. The interior is up to the requirements of the European city style traditions at the end of the XIX century. The establishment makes its reputation in cultural life in the city as well as in the theatrical sphere in over the country. Here you can also enjoy the performances of the well-known "Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra".


Situated at 200 m. south to the hotel.

The Chapel was built in 1907, donated entirely by the citizens of Pleven.This is one of the most impressive Bulgarian churches, having inner space uniquely designed. The bones of the Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, Finnish, Ukrainian, Byelorussian and Moldovian soldiers are kept in the crypt. They all died for the liberation of Pleven. The iconostasis and the icons are works of eminent Bulgarian masters. The Mausoleum is one of the eternal symbols of the city, part of the city emblem.


Situated at a 150 m. distance opposite the hotel.

It is opened in 1984 in the unique building, designed by architect Nikola Lazarov. Svetlin Russev, one of the most eminent artists in Bulgaria, donates a great collection of 400 paintings and sculptures of world and Bulgarian masters of art to his native city - Pleven. The permanent exhibition offers more than 250 valuable works of art. That is the biggest private donation in the field of art in Bulgaria. The quality of the collection, which you'll see here, is unsurpassable throughout Bulgaria.


Situated just in front of the Art Exhibition "Svetlin Russev"

A really unique combination of water and light! The water cascade is situated over 10 decares of land. It is an exciting series of fountains and water obstacles. It functions from April to October and offers coolness and great possibilities for relaxation. This water installation is not unique just in Bulgaria. It has its greatest effect in the evening, when the brilliance of the fountains mixes with the glamour of lights. Trim cafes and restaurants, located round the cascade, give you additional possibilities for rest.


Situated at a 150 m. distance from the hotel, in continuity of the theater.

On 11th December 1877 the Russian Emperor Alexander II stayed in Pleven at a private house, where the captive Turkish marshal Osman Pasha was surrendered to him. The first military governor of Pleven General Skobelev lived in the same house, too. Later, it was turned into a museum. Today the area around the museum is a trim and quiet city park, a good choice for relaxation and recreation.


Situated at a 500 m. distance from Rostov Hotel, near the entrance of the City Park.

It is arranged in a unique building, built for barracks in 1884. The abundant museum fund includes more than 250 exponents from the antiquity, the Middle Ages and the modern history of Pleven and its region. It is a real treasure house of cultural and historical values. Perhaps it is the richest historical museum in Bulgaria.


Situated close to the Regional Historical Museum.

It was set up in 1958 as a department of the Historical Museum. It became separate establishment in 1973. It owns a rich art fund - paintings, drawings, sculptures. Works of art of Vladimir Dimitrov - Maistora, Dechko Uzunov, Nikolai Pavlovich, Georgi Danchov, Ilia Beshkov, Svetlin Russev, Sidonia Atanassova are kept there. The Gallery also possesses some works of art of world famous artists such as Rembrandt, Domie, Kete Colvitz.


Разположен в западния край на Плевен. Удобен начин да стигнете до него е използването на градският обществен транспорт автобусна линия No 1.

It is located in the real battlefield, where in 1877 the troops of General Skobelev had bloodshed battles for the liberation of Pleven. From that time on this area, soaked with blood, is called "The Dead Valley". The unique monument Panorama "Pleven Epopee 1877" raised high above the city there, making strong impression. It is the most tremendous work of fine and applied art all over the Balkans. The building symbolizes the three attacks and the blockade of the city. In the park you can find the Charnel House, Museum "Stoyan and Vladimir Zaimovi", authentic cannons, dozens of fraternal mounds and monuments. The park is a favourite place for a walk of many citizens of Pleven - share it!


Situated in the southern part of the city. The best way to get there is the public transport - get on the trolleys No 3 and No 7.

It is the largest City Park in Bulgaria, located among century-old trees. It offers a unique combination of possibilities for a walk, recreation and sport. In the park you'll find dozens of restaurants, attractions and sports facilities. The city zoo is situated in the park, too. Many trekking routes are offered and the water-sports lovers will find their own level here. The park is the most favourite place of many citizens of Pleven for weekend holiday.

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